Extra Ordinaire

Avec les ouevres de la collection Frac Aquitaine. Avec les oeuvres de John M Armleder, Farah Atassi, Pauline Bastard, Vincent Bécheau et Marie-Laure Bourgeois, François Cante-Pacos, Nicolas Chardon, Maitetxu Etcheverria, Robert Filiou, Peter Fischli et David Weiss, Vincent Ganivet, Paul-Armand Gette, Luigi Ghirri, Piero Gilardi, Ann Veronica Janssens, On Kawara, Gunilla Klingberg, Joseph Kosuth, Richard Long, Karin Ludmann, Nicolas Milhé, Joachim Mogarra, Juan Muñoz, Dennis Oppenheim, Nam June Paik, Hugo Pernet, Présence Panchounette, Chantal Raguet, Maryvonne Rocher-Gilotte, Sergio Sister, Reena Spaulings, Studio Totem, Joseph Sudek, Otmar Thormann, Tatiana Trouvé et Jacques Vieille.

Damage Control. Art and Destruction since 1950


While destruction as a theme can be traced throughout art history, from the early atomic age it has become a pervasive cultural element. In the immediate post-World War II years, to invoke destruction in art was to evoke the war itself: the awful devastation of battle, the firebombing of entire cities, the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan, and, of course, the Holocaust. Art seemed powerless in the face of that terrible history.

A Thousand Doors


NEON and the Whitechapel Gallery are collaborating to present an exhibition of works by Greek and international artists at the Gennadius Library curated by Iwona Blazwick OBE, the Director of the Whitechapel Gallery. The exhibition will be installed throughout the venue, both inside the library spaces and outside them in its formal gardens. The selected works are executed in a wide range of media, and include video, sound and sculpture installations.